DevFest2k18 Algiers is a great community-run developer festival in Algiers city, where developers have the opportunity to compete, learn and enjoy all at once with Google technologies.

For its 6th edition, GDG Algiers intends to bring an original touch to the Devfest Algiers 2018 which will be spread for the first time on 3 consecutive days. Be there and enjoy amazing surprises !!!

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"Great technology should improve life, not distract from it." 

That's what DevFest Algiers 2018 Hackathon is held for. DevFest Hackathon came with an incredible new theme "Digital Wellbeing which has introduced a new lifestyle to technology users, started solving their daily struggles and made their lives easier, healthier and happier.

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 Bilel Sefsaf

Bilel Sefsaf

Benhamida Fatima zahraa

Benhamida Fatima zahraa

 Moumen Wifi

Moumen Wifi

Judging Criteria

  • Simplicity
    Is the application simple to use and can the team explain it clearly in three sentences or less ?
  • Design UI/UX
    How user friendly is your app ?
  • Impact
    Does the app have a long term impact on the human wellbeing as a digital solution ? How serious is the problem your app has treated ?
  • Technical implementation
    Are the Technologies used by the team relevant to the implementation of the idea ?

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